Tuesday, August 10, 2010

While I am waiting for a letter from Elder Call, here are some pictures of him and the family driving up to utah to drop him off to MTC. We drove to Fort Worth, than Colorado (a 14 hour drive!), and then Utah. He wasn't allowed to watch tv, movies, or listen to radio. So we decided to listen to some tapes called "JOHN BY-THE-WAY". They are recorded talks from a famous youth speaker named John Bytheway. Yup, thats his name(: pronounced By-the-way!! Funny, I know.. Anyway, Elder call said they were interesting, so i decided I would give them a try. They were very interesting and HILLARIOUS!! Anyway here are the pictures!!!

                                                      Grandpa, Elder Call, and Grandmother
Elder Call with Colorado background
Steven and Elder Call
TOP: Juliette, Geoffrey, my dad, Christopher, Elder Call
BOTTOM: my mom, me (Carolina), and Jonathan
Elder Call and Jonathan walking towards the car!
Me and Elder Call eating at Toucano's, a brazilian restaraunt in Utah. They have GREAT food!!
Elder Call with his 2 college friends. Juan, and Danon
At uncle Bruce's house.
TOP: Juliette, my mom, Elder Call, my dad and me (carolina)
BOTTOM: Christopher, Jonathan, and Geoffrey.
playing pool at BYU's gaming center (:

Elder Call and Elder Yzaguirre at Cafe Rio in Utah.

Call's, Yzaguirre's, and Coronado's at cafe Rio.!!
My mom, my dad, and Elder Call in front of Provo Temple!!
TOP: Juliette, my dad, Elder Call, and me.
BOTTOM: Christopher, my mom, Jonathan, and Geoffrey.
At MTC!! We couldn't get a good picture because a bunch of other people were checking in!
Elder Call was asked to dance in honor of getting asked to serve a mission(:

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